The Dead have risen...

Now the living know the true meaning of fear!

In the last 48 hours the dead have come back to life and civilisation has died. Gone is the mundane drudgery of your previous life. The pressures of paying bills, scraping a living and holding on to your sanity in the digital age have been replaced by one overriding goal - SURVIVAL.

Every event, large or small, has many individual personal stories. This is the story of the end of civilisation, the end of life as we know it, and in this tale the stories are told in blood…

This is your story…..

Survivor the Walking Dead is a collaboration between Griffin Miniatures and Interlude Games. Full rules recreating the rise of the dead, and the struggle for survival will be published soon. This first set contains twenty heroic scale (32mm) metal miniatures; fifteen Zombies and five Survivors. Over the coming months the range will be expanded, as the dead multiply and humanity faces extinction.

Please note, these figures come unpainted and contain lead, and are therefore unsuitable for children.